Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Tryst with Monopoly!

Everyone loves their childhood. Its a time when you are carefree, honest, truthful, when you are loved for very word you say, adored for every expression, taken to amusement parks, ice cream parlors, taught rhymes and allowed to play games. The last thing i mentioned on the list is 'THE' most important. ;)

Games which take any form , take any length of time and any number of players. The only thing that matters is fun and excitement. I have had a beautiful and memorable childhood like most of the kids. Alhumdulillah! I loved playing games. As i have lived in apartments from the time i was born, i had a lot of friends. Four floors, Five flats on each floor and so we have a dozen children altogether. We would play games- Ringa-ringa roses, pillar to pillar, Hide n seek, marbles and what not! Anything we did was a game! Then came the board games stage. And here enters 'Monopoly' aka Mgame!! I have played Mgame so much that i have earned thousands of millions, and lost thousands of millions. Actually i have lost more! Thanks to my AWESOME luck in the game. :P
Monopoly - The game with 40 spaces including properties, 'Chance', 'Community chest', houses, hotels n my favorite hangout - The jail! :p I have played it innumerable times. I love it sooooo much that for my 12th birthday, i got 7 sets of Monopoly as gifts!!! So you can imagine my 'love' towards the game. ;) Most of the time i used to play it with my siblings and cousins, laughing as i collect rent and crying as i land on hotels and houses. But whatever it was, it was my FAVORITE. It still is!

I played it throughout school, undergraduate level, graduate level, post graduate level and now even after marriage!! And Insha'Allah i will continue playing it with my kids and grandchildren too! LOL! If i have to thank one person who has made me continue playing Mgame even now, its my hubby! You can imagine my happiness when i got to know Zuhair LOVES playing Monopoly!! Till my marriage i knew only one version of the game i.e the board game, But thanks to my gamester hubby, i now play the Monopoly Card game and the Monopoly online version. And my love for my hubby and Monopoly has deepened further! LOL!

We bought  the card version of Mgame on our trip to Cochin and its been a big hit in our house since then. Except for my Abba, who is just waiting to get his hands on the pack so that he can throw it away! I do not blame my dad for this. We play it sooooooooo much that any parent would want it in the garbage. I do not think there is any couple who is crazy about the game like us. We have played it at home, in the car, in the train and in the plane too!!!! No jokes here.We seriously played! Until the air hostess would come to us and say ' Sir, Ma'am could you please put back the trays, we are about to land'!!  LMAO! We would start playing Monopoly and the time would just fly. Its our favorite version of the game.

And now the online version. Its awesome too..After all its Monopoly! ;) Again thanks to my hubby for introducing me to Pogo.com! We play it almost everyday.That's the best version to play for a long-distance-relationship couple :p Its a four player game when we play it online and its super fun. We can play with real players or with comp's too. The best game for me is when i play with the people for whom this post is dedicated to i.e Zuhair and my two devar's, Junaid and Foorkan :)

So the next time you are bored of every single thing on the planet, you know what to do! Pick up a pack of Monopoly deal card pack and also register yourself at pogo.com and get going!! Trust me, its gonna be real fun! ;) See you on Pogo!

Now some interesting facts about Mgame: 

Monopoly was popular in Cuba until Fidel Castro demanded that all Monopoly game boards be destroyed!!.
The longest MONOPOLY® game ever played was 1,680 hours long. That is 70 straight days!
The longest Monopoly game played in a bathtub went on for 99 hours.
The longest Monopoly game played upside-down went on for 36 hours.
The longest Monopoly game played underground went on for 100 hours

Our record is on the way! ;) See you on the other side!


  1. Reposting : (and I'm still the 1st to post !!)
    It was wonderfully entertaining to read ur post, as usual naaz.. the opening lines brought back my fond childhood memories..how I wish those young,carefree days to return.. and now that we r all grown ups in the professional world, the age of innocence is gone..(sigh!)
    but ur post made me pick up and dust my old monopoly set and inspired me to start playing the game once again..!!
    I wish u and ur hubby accumulate many more such sweet memories of Monopoly:)
    You are truly a Happy child and want to spread that happiness all around the people around u..
    Keep up the good job:):)

  2. Completely Off-topic:
    I love reading books..any and every genre of books that I can lay my hands upon.. so when I say this, I say this truthfully.. You should try writing a novel yaar..coz u have a flair for writing..your writing style is so engrossing that it keeps the readers hooked till ur last lines.. I m telling u yaar..just try it out once..whenever u get some free time, just write down somethin..pretty soon you'll have a story to share..and Your novel will be a big hit naaz,I tell u that..
    Just think abt it, ok? :)

    Take care,
    Bipro :)

  3. Heyy Bipro!! Thnx aloooooooooooooot for the compliments! I am honoured :) N sorry 4 d trouble caused to u cuz ur posts wer nt being posted on time! Thanx alot again n yea i wil give a thought on ur suggestion! ;)

  4. lyk it!! lyk it!! :)monopoly rocks!!!

  5. You just brighten up a dark room ... finding happiness in the simplest of things. As always ... loved reading your post. :)

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