Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They are FAST and We are FURIOUS!!

"Lights,Camera,Action!!" The Scene: Abhishek Bachchan is on the lookout for Shah Rukh Khan and his mysterious vehicle which can neither be caught nor be seen because of its amazing speed! Until one day, Abhishek uses the Bugatti Veyron and finally catches a glimpse of the power vehicle with a statement 'Hum ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi, na-mumkin hai'! Its the Auto rickshaw!!

People who have traveled in this roller coaster ride would swear by the speed of it. Our Indian auto drivers can be qualified for stunt and chase sequences in Bollywood and if media promotes them well, they have a chance in Hollywood too!! A recent ride in an auto literally had my heart in my mouth. I came home and prayed special 'shukriya' namaaz thanking God for keeping me alive!

There are certain 'characteristics' of auto-drivers here. Firstly they think they rule the roads. They have the ' Catch me if you can' statement running in their minds throughout the day. Their Style statement is so popular that they can create a brand name for themselves. They got a horrid selection of songs which i have categorized as 'Driver songs'. The moment you hear them on TV, you know where you can hear it next! Himesh Reshammiya is their HOT favorite. I don't understand how they can bear the trauma caused by his songs. Waise i am happy for Himesh, at least auto drivers buy and hear his albums, other than himself! LMAO!!! :p

Another amusing thing about auto drivers is the way they sit. They do have a comfortable seat for themselves but they choose ONLY to sit on the right edge of the seat. I seriously wonder why!! :O A recent trend among the Speedsters that i have noticed is the way they reject their customers. The other day me and my siblings had visited a mall and wanted to an auto to go back home. We saw an auto coming our way and signalled him to stop.The STYLISH auto driver reduced the auto speed 'a bit', brought the auto to the side and nodded his head. We presumed he was asking us where we wanted to go and before my brother could even tell the place completely he vanished with his speedcar! He dint even have say ' No', just turned his head and sped away!

We noticed another auto coming and we started waving our hands as if we were stuck on an island and wanted the helicopter's attention! He saw us but acted like we were invisible creatures!! The Nerve!!! Next guy came, stopped, atleast he had the audacity to open his mouth and ask us where we wanted to go, but the moment he heard 'Pandeshwar' he reacted as if we told him we wanted to go to Mumbai!! We looked at the others who stopped the same auto and told their destinations, but the auto guy reacted the same to all the customers!! He seemed to be enjoying looking at the irritated faces.

It had been more than thirty minutes and we had stopped more than a dozen auto's but all were 'style-marofying'! When i saw one soul driving the auto and enjoying rejecting, i told my bro ' Instead of telling where we want to go, ask him where he wants to go!!'. And he did. The auto guy got furious. It was time for us to enjoy! ;)He asked us again and we exploded. Hearing our story, he quietly said ' Please sit'. He felt so bad for us, i thought he might not even charge us! LMAO! :p But he did, Ofcourse. :p

The auto drivers have the new-found-attitude of their own and its here to stay. Their business now is not customized but Driverized. They do not go where we want to, but where they want to! Sometimes they drive like they rule the city, sometimes act like they are 'ekdum' new to the city, intentionally touring us throughout the city, whereas they would actually know the shortest route.

With this attitude and driving skills, they are sure to take over SRK! Watch out! Vrooooooom 3.. Coming soon! ;)


  1. gud one n every single word is true!!!! yeah even i have wondered y they prefer to sit right side of thier seat:P

  2. Hahaha... Nice one mehnaz.. Enjoyed reading every bit of this... Keep up the good work :)

  3. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it naaz!!!

  4. Nice one......n expcd d same.....enjoyed it....

  5. Truly true... N m sure that the mall was City center...!!!
    I never go there without a vehicle cus of the behavior of the auto walas...
    one of em' even asked me to pay double. I shewed him off ;)
    anyways it was nice knowing that someone else too thinks the same way :))


  6. Thanx Alot Beli, Nehu, Prats & Suman! I am Glad u all enjoyed it :)

  7. Thnx Rubeena :)

    Yea itws City Centre! ;)I never go der in an auto now! Everytym got 2 face such problems! So d best option is go by ur own car! :)

  8. hey Naaz,

    Good one! u must have had lots of such experiences throughout ur student life! The amount of money dat u have spent on autos, u could have easily bought a car for urself!!:-)
    Anywys, good one! enjoyed..

    tc, have fun

  9. Thnx Alot Avil! :) n yea i cud hv sooooooooooooooo easily bought a car 4 myself in colg if i dint pay d auto waala's! :p But then i wudnt hav had such 'wonderful' xperiences if i had not travelled in d auto's! :)

  10. As always, nicely written. :) You know it's the same here in Mumbai as well, here we have Auto Walas and Taxi Walas behaving exactly as you described. Also, as you rightly pointed out, they definitely enjoy rejecting people and seeing irritated faces. :)

  11. Thanx Karan! :)I knw in Mumbai its d Taxi waala's who r irritating! I feel they r more troublesome dan d auto waala's here! :p