Friday, May 3, 2013

What's up? May 2013

'What's up?' - This will be a series of posts that I have thought of writing every month. The posts in this series will include my schedule insha'Allah for the particular month. What am I currently reading, practicing, planning, doing, cooking etc etc! So here we go with the first post of the series for the month of May! Let's see what I'm upto this month!

May has always been my favorite month of the year! You'll know why as you read further! ;) So currently I am -

Thankful : To the Almighty for blessing me with such a good family, especially for my son who just turned one. Seeing him learn & do new things each day gives me immense happiness & a reason to thank for being able to experience it.

Watching : I am an avid fan of Korean shows from the time I came to NYC. Currently, I just started with this show called 'Gu family book' - watched the first four episodes & loving it! Hopefully the awesomeness continues in the future episodes too! Other than that watching the series 'Scam city' on the Science channel. It's a truly amazing show and you MUST watch it if you are accessible to the channel. It's a show about scams going on in major cities of the world. Already three episodes have been aired which includes Rio , Delhi & Buenos Aires. You'll be shocked to see the tricks they use to dupe people! And ofcourse , The Big Bang theory, Yes dear, The king of Queens! ;)

Planning : For a week long vacation with my hubby & baby to Orlando, Florida! Woohoo! A week full of fun & excitement! Disney world, Universal studios, Sea world etc! Few days to go & I have to start with the packing! Last minute craziness is one thing which will never go out of me!

Reading : Parenting magazines, while I wait for our turn at the pediatrician's clinic :/
Seriously, I need to start reading a good book!! Any suggestions?

Wishing : For peace in the world. Period.

Missing : My family back in India & Canada. And yes, I miss spending time on my pc, thanks to my lil brat. It's like the moment he sees me on the computer chair, he runs to me screaming like the earth will swallow me!

Cooking : Lots of shrimps, Indo-Chinese food, wanna do some baking this month too! Hopefully I stick to my plans!

Laughing : At my son's dance moves when his favorite ads or cartoons come on tv!

Worrying : About the safety of my family at all times, especially when I have a son who is so naughty and keeps banging into stuff & knocking himself down!

Loving : The change in weather in NYC. Finally, it's time for some hotness! ;)

Focusing : On becoming a better Muslimah.

Excited : For the birthdays! Hubby & I share our birthdays this month! Teehee!

Anxious : About my driving test at the end of the month! Hopefully I pass the test! Pray-drive-pray-drive!

Craving : Manglorean Food & Shawarma! I miss them :(

Learning : To be happy with what I have, to be a good mother & a good wife :) Yeah, need to work on it constantly. Very important!

Enjoying : Every moment of my life, Alhumdulillah! :)

So how did you like this post? Would love to get your feedback on any improvements that I could make, any suggestions? And lemme know what's up with you guys this month!

Until then,
Stay safe, stay happy!


  1. Now i know what you do!!! :-)

    1. Haha! You wouldn't need to read this post to know what I'm upto! :p

  2. Happy Birthday to your Lil Man & Happy Birthday to his Parents.
    May Allah bless and protect you all always amen.

    Good luck with the driving test..inshaAllah you pass it with flying colours. I need to get me driving lessons because im yet to drive. SubhanAllah every time I plan to start something comes up and im still not moving around on my own.

    Have loads of fun watching lil man dance around..these days are soo precious. Allah bless him.

    1. Jazakallahu khaira :)

      Aameen! Yeah would definitely need good luck for the test! ;)

      Yeah..just loving this phase.. Alhumdulillah!

      Take care! :)

  3. Bahahahahahaha told you you'd love Gu!
    And mA at least you're being soooooo productive. For me it's like, I dont even have the time :o teach me!

    1. Haha! You are doing ALOT, it's just that you don't realize until you sit & jot it down! Try it & show me that list! And then I'll be the one learning from you ;)

  4. Hey Mehnaaz... Loved your post.. it gives me a lot of inspiration to start writing again...Its been real long since i have updated anything on it and everytime i wish to write, my mind goes completely ___________________. yeah BLANK it is! So, here's me requesting your permission to write on similar lines- the monthly updates, and my experiences/current happenings on various interesting topics you've mentioned! :) Thank you! :)

    1. Hey Resh, I'm so glad that you are inspired to write after reading my post. That's what I strive to do :) you can totally write similar posts & I would be looking forward to read them too! Good luck :)