Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Resurrection

A hobby is defined as a regular activity or interest that is typically done during one's leisure time. It can be collecting stamps, coins, singing, dancing, travelling, reading, writing.. oh wait, writing?! That sounds familiar!! Jaana pehchaana sa lagta hai.. 

*Sudden realisation*

OMG OMG!! That is supposed to be MY hobby!!! 

If you are in the search for a person who is lazy to pursue her hobby, look no further, Tada! It's me! 

Seriously, how can one forget one's hobby! Heights of laziness that is. One tight slap to myself and Yes, I am back to blogging! Hopefully! :D 

My last post was on July 2011. I can't believe I forgot writing for 16 months!! I probably need more than one tight slap! *I know Zuhair, you are ever ready to do the honors* 

So where was I all this time, what was I doing, I ask myself.


'Everyone's busy, nothing new there.'

'Living life, maybe?'

'Everyone does that too. Any solid reason?'

Zidaan Zuhair Kapadia.

*Bow down* You win!

Having Zidaan inside me for 9 months & outside me for 7 months, is the best way I can convince myself for not posting on my blog. The apple of my eye, the warmth of my heart, the joy of my life, my baby boy is the best gift I could ever receive from Allah. Alhumdulillah!!

How could I do anything other than basking in the glory of pregnancy, taking care of him in my womb, dream about him, listen to advices, read parenting books, search on the internet for the best baby stuffs, all leading to making plans for his arrival! And once he was born, it was just so hard to take my eyes off him. So innocent, so pure. Maasha'Allah!

In the 7 months, how the innocence turned into naughtiness is another story! :D

Being thankful to the Almighty is the least I could do for bestowing us with such a wonderful child. Being a mother is the best thing that could happen to any woman on the planet & I am proud to be one.

On that note, I am glad to say that I am back to blogging world and Insha'Allah,  I would pursue my love for writing as frequently as possible. A big 'Thank you' to my friends & family who have always supported me & motivated me to keep writing. This is for you.


  1. hey good to see your blog again!!! Enjoi your motherhood and congrats to both of you...... :) :)

  2. Hey there.. :) I'm 4 months preggers and was craving for some mutkule when I did a random google search and came across your food blog.. And boy! Was I glad, actually shocked when I found the recipe! Ur food blog led me here, and its kinda funny how we have quite a lotta things in common.. Like, for instance, my friends call me naazuk.. I'm a mangalorean gal, just like you, married to some1 from a different cultural background.. AND I have always wanted to name my baby boy Zidane for as long as I can remember! lol.. :)