Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Cake Story!

A cake symbolizes a party, a gathering of friends, family, neighbors. At least for me it defines itself that way. Every time a cake is being offered to me, i being a 'not-so-great-fan' of cakes, usually smile and pass the cake to the 'greatest-fan-of-the-cake-on-earth' soul-- My younger sister. I do take it, of course, just to avoid the bickering of my sister and make herself gorge on the extra piece of cake! What a sight it is to see when she gets that extra piece! :p

A cake reminds me of my sis, EVERY TIME! Its not that i do no eat it anytime, but i usually prefer spicy over sweet! I respect people who love to gobble up cakes, but i do not understand how anyone would love to eat a chocolate cake! I will NEVER eat that! I always get the ' OMG, you do not eat a chocolate cake??' kinda look every time i say no to a choc cake piece, but i just smile and say no. Its very difficult to explain people who love certain things about our non-liking towards it! So i do not even try. And it always ends up with the 'God knows how you cannot like this' look and in my mind i say ' God knows how u CAN like it'!

Once i was browsing over some sweet dish recipes and the recipe for choc cake popped up. I HAD to open the page, no prize for guessing, my sis was sitting next to me. Reluctantly, i went through it and without a second thought closed it and went over to another page. And i heard my sis yell. I was like 'What?!?'. She said ' Didi, Please bake a cake.. For me'! Now the latter part of the line melted me. You can imagine her with that ' You are not gonna say no to me right?' face. I HAD to give in. It was my sister.

The next day before leaving to school, she reminded me again and in my sleep i said ' Yeah Yeah'! :p I woke up later and was planning about the activities of the day, not even giving the slightest importance to the cake! I logged in to the internet and to my surprise i see my sis's status message on her IM window which read ' Yaaaay, today my didi's gonna make a choc cake for meeeeeeeeee'! I was like ' Oh so sweet'! and then immediately i said ' Damn'! I am her didi and i am the one who has to bake it! Baking a cake? And Me? ME?? God knows how, I wondered.

The next half an hour was spent in going through ' Easy Choc cake recipes'! :p And i finally found a good one. A normal choc cake recipe. Now i dint know what was easy and what was not! Forget baking, i had not EATEN one!! But then i HAD to do this. So i gathered the ingredients, some confidence, little interest and started! OMG! I was baking a cake! Hard to believe!

Trust me, it is not difficult. :D Yes, I am saying this! All you need is electricity - To beat the eggs, to powder sugar, to bake! And you need a motivating person! :p AND of course the basic ingredients. Whola! The cake was ready to be baked. The microwave looked at me with a surprised look and i replied back - ' Yeah, for my sister' ;) Ten minutes later, the microwave called out to me. I looked at the cake. Heavenly feeling!! I made a cake! Yaaaaaay! :D

So here it was resting on the dining table with my eyes stuck to it. It looked yummy, but i needed to know how it tasted. Before the main critic would be back home, i wanted somebody to give me the review. Unfortunately couldn't get hold of anyone for my experiment. :p And the door bell rang. "Damn, the cake-eater is at d door"!! I quickly hid the cake in the oven and opened the door. She came in and went straight to the kitchen, scanned the refrigerator and looked at me! I thought lemme kid with the kid. I said i was really sorry but i could not prepare it. She got a doubt coz she knew i would never do such a thing. But i made her believe in me ;)

She went to her room obviously with a sad face. When she went to freshen up, i went to the kitchen, took the cake out and wrote her name on the cake with fresh cream. It now looked yummier. But again, How did it taste?? She was at the comp when i brought the cake to her with a 'tan-tanaaaaa' background music. It was a moment to remember. She was very very happy! And i was happy to see her happy! :D So we ended up being the Happy Sisters! Alhumdulillah! :)

Now the tasting part ;) The most important one! My sis and my cousin sis, both fans of the choc cake tried it and showed me a thumbs up. No doubt, i was GLADDDDD!! Proud of myself ;) And then it was shared by every one in the house and all LOVED it. Seriously, i was very happy that day. :) It gave me the confidence to prepare more cakes. And within a week i made four cakes :D A cousin bro emotionally blackmailed me to bake a cake for him and i fell in the trap ;) But i loved the outcome coz he loved the cake! :D

All these compliments made me realise that nothing is difficult. If we have the will we can accomplish anything but of course with God's help. After a week one of my friend called me up and told me he was leaving to Bangalore that night. I said Okay kool and thought to myself ' Why not bake a cake and give it to him so that my friends can taste it there in Bangalore?' I told him about the 'Parcel' that he needs to take with him, not telling him what exactly i was giving him. I baked a cake and packed it well and wrote notes for my friends on the parcel and sent it.

Meanwhile i sent a message to my friend to collect the parcel Asap! I was a little worried coz my friend couldn't collect it on time and i thought it must have gone bad. I got a text in the evening saying the parcel was collected, but i wasnt happy coz i was very sure that it would have definitely gone bad by that time. So i replied back and told them that its not gonna be good, with a sad face. I was feeling bad coz i had made it with so much of love and care, but it would not be serving the purpose coz they would not be able to eat it! And then i got the following texts.

"If bad tastes so yummy, i wonder how would it taste when its fresh!! Its Awesome!!"

"Hey Naaz, the cake is awesome. Even next time when i come down , prepare this and give us"

Needless to say, i was elated. And from then on the cake stories went on and on and Insha'Allah i would want to continue it forever, of course with a happy ending. :)

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